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Often overlooked, the stabiliser (stab) AKA a tail wing, is an essential part of performance foil boarding.

Whether for flat water pumping, behind a boat, wing surfing, down winding or riding waves, using the correct tail wing could improve your whole session. At SPG we live to create fine-tuned products that will help make your time on the water that much more enjoyable.


From early-day foil pioneers to modern-day innovators,  the designers behind the SPG tail wings have gone all out to create, test and approve tail wings that are now used by the best riders in the industry. 

No matter what foil sport you’re into, have a look through the exciting tail wing options that will help take your foiling to another level.

Rear Wing Construction

SPG tail wings are created with precision and fine-tuned for racing, riding and performance foil boarding.

Each stabiliser is produced using a mix of top grade Unidirectional carbon, twill carbon and a touch of fibreglass to ensure the best look, strength, and flex to durability/weight ratio. Stabs are created for hi-performance riding. Depending on your final use, SPG suggests giving a light sand with water paper to remove any unwanted sharp ends. 

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