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About SPG Carbon Masts


Without a doubt, having the correct mast will ultimately affect how your gear performs. Whether it’s for flying down huge waves, flat water pumping, behind a boat, wing surfing, down winding or a foil session at your local, using a mast with the correct angle, flex/ stiffness and weight could improve your whole session. The SPG masts are designed by riders that want the ultimate in performance without compromising strength and durability.


The SPG masts have had quite a few tweaks and improvements over the years as the designers have gone all out to create, test and approve masts that are now used by the best riders in the industry. No matter what foil sport you’re into, we’ve created a range of masts that will help take your foiling to another level.


SPG masts are created with precision, and fine-tuned for racing, riding and performance foil boarding. Each mast is produced using top-grade carbon variations, to ensure the best look, strength, flex to durability/weight ratio. SPG White Freeride masts are for everyday use while the black  masts have additional High Modulus carbon, created for added stiffness hi-performance riding.

New for 2024, Limited Edition M40J High Modulus RACE masts available on pre order. 

Depending on your final use and for added safety, SPG suggests giving a light sand over the trailing edge of your mast with water paper to remove any unwanted sharp ends.

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