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Switch Foil Board

Suggested Usage

Wing 85%
Wing Surf 71%
SUP 30%
Prone 20%

Switch Performance Board


Probably ahead of its time, THE SWITCH is without a doubt paving the way for the future of wing flight. 

Creative, innovative and a mixture of aqua vehicles intermixed into one powerful package, the SWITCH is designed to open up a new riding experience for riders wanting to push the boundaries. 

Whether it’s wind foiling, flying behind a boat, or cranking turns on a wave with an inflatable wing, the future is here so get ready to SWITCH it up and have some fun.


With over 30 years of creating, shaping, and designing surfboards, windsurfers, SUPs and foil boards, SPG has all the key backgrounds to download into a board that requires accurate volume distribution, speed and performance.

With years of input from top shapers + riders worldwide, Ivan (a pro athlete for 20 years) has been involved in pioneering and promoting SUP & foiling to countries worldwide.

Together with new school input from the next generation of riders, the Switch is a combination of history integrated with the future.


Constructed in EPS with Signature carbon PVC technology for added reinforcement.

Signature black racing stripes on the rails with a raw industrial brushed carbon look to add a touch of performance ensure head turning on any beach. 

Includes comfy EVA deck pad.

Optional carbon honeycomb Signature X3 and X2 fins available.


Maui 2006 was the start of our journey using a wing + surfboard to fly across the water.

Since then both wings & composites have advanced. allowing for a whole new dimension in wind sports.

Realising that not everyone wants to use a foil + wing, and others want to mix it up a bit, the SPG crew experimented with different forms of non-foil platforms.

From SUPs to bodyboards, windsurf, kiteboards to twin-fin surfboards the search was on for the ultimate wing board. 


The SPG innovative team are once again super excited to introduce you to the new generation of performance flight boards that will help take your personal flying to new heights. 

A board that requires correct volume displacement, speed on demand, upwind ability, plus the option to boost with foot straps in the correct position – all key ingredients to a highly technical board. 

Optional SWITCH COMBO including Signature Twin-Trax can be used as a wing/surf foil board.

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