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The story behind quality SPG custom manufacturing

Established in 2013, Signature Sports is known around the world for its 3 key values: INNOVATION // EXCELLENCE // PERFORMANCE.

Maintaining these 3 ingredients, our production teams pride themselves in producing custom products for riders around the world.

Handcrafted, precision, and quality products for you to enjoy.

As much as we work all out to supply custom-produced products, based on estimated time schedules, as with any custom production, there are certain unexpected delays that can and do happen at times. Power supply cuts, delays in customs clearing materials, and general day-to-day QC- Quality control that can delay a product.

We go the extra mile to help you enjoy your product.  If we are not 100% satisfied, the QC team will pull the product and replace it with another item, which can have a knock-on effect. This is all for the sake of maintaining top quality for you our rider.

So thanks again for your custom order, with all the many options out there we appreciate the support and patience & look forward to seeing you flying real soon.


Team Signature

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