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the Ultra

Signature Performance Gear

Ultra Foil Boards

Suggested Usage

Prone Surf 85%
Wake 75%
Pump 60%
Wing Surf 50%
Kite 40%

Performance Foil Boards


At Signature we are absolutely passionate about creating foil boards that look attractive but also function well for riders that are as amped on the sport as we are.

SPG designers are covered in foam dust, saltwater running through their veins & live to create a board that makes your time on the water that much more memorable.


A range of foil boards for all levels of riding.

Surf / SUP / Wingsurfing

Whether it’s your 1st time on a foil board or a pro rider looking for some additional input, our team are here to try best assist you to make the best decision on your board investment. 


Each item has been designed, refined and tested to allow you the pilot the most amount of fun + performance on the water.

With over 30 years of board design in surf, SUP, windsurf, kite and foil you can be assured you are in good hands. 

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