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Foot Straps

Foot straps are optional extras with each rider having their own personal preference as far as style, shape and brand. 

As you progress in foiling or wingsurfing you may want to add straps to the SPG boards. 

Most newer version boards have foot strap inserts placed in a position that works for the mass market. Again, personal stance may vary and there are different after market products available for changing foot strap positions to a more personal configuration.  

How to Attach Foot Straps

  • Warning: Before attaching foot straps be sure to measure the depth of your foot strap inserts. Inserting screws that are too long may result in screws protruding through the inserts allowing water and possibly causing internal structure delam or damage.
  • Use stainless steel washers and screws.  
SPG Foils footstrap-positioning


Please see the diagram on the left to assist you in locating the position of your screw inserts on your new board.

Unpacking your board

Just received your new Signature board, here’s a quick video showing the unpacking to inspire you to get out flying on the water. 

Got Questions?

Should you have any questions before you ride, be sure to drop us a line & we will be only happy to assist you further in your journey.

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