SPG Half-Moon 15″ Tail Wing




15″ Full Carbon Tail wing.


  • Hi quality full pre-preg carbon
  • Added strength great for wingsurf jumping
  • Available in 15″
  • Pre preg Flex tested
  • Super light
  • Available to fit all SPG wings
  • Includes tail wing cover
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Signature Half-Moon 15″ / 180cm² Pre-preg carbon tail wing

The Half-Moon” is another exciting product designed by foil guru, Nathan van Vuuren specifically for performance down winding and wave riding.
Super fast & efficient plus allows quick controlled turning aspects.
The “Half-Moon” rear stabilizer as the name implies. has swept-back tips for added glide while pumping but still also offers you a fast turning radius when wave riding or down-wind foiling.

Super efficient and suggested use is to combine with the Glide or MISSILE ranges for extended glide.

* Note- The Half-Moon Tail wing is designed for high-performance riding, suggest for recreational + wing foiling to lightly sandpaper or round the tips for added safety.

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SPG Foils Half-Moon-15SPG Half-Moon 15″ Tail Wing
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