SPG MISSILE 170 Modular





The package Includes:

  • Missile front wing, Medium fuse, *Carbon mast, tail wing, hardware, and accessory bag.
  • Optional Deluxe travel bag.
  • Complete ready to fly.
  • Recommended Mast length – 75-95cm
  • Can be used for Wingsurfing, surf, & downwinding
  • *Carbon Mast Options – White Freeride mast / Black HM mast (with additional High Modulus)
  • M40J Black Limited Edition High Modulus Race Masts available on Pre Order;  not available in combo sets
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A dedicated high performance wingsurf + surf foil for advanced riders.

Introducing THE MISSILE Signature H:E High Efficient foil range, designed and created by riders for riders.

SPG designers were at the forefront of early foil design introducing the HA High Aspect series and then leading the Medium Aspect front with the Game Changer series.

H:E High Efficiency wing

With extended glide, the ability to offer added control and the combination of Speed  + Drive, the design is more than just a novelty but a work of art to help take advanced riders to the next level.

Pushing the boundaries of flight, the MISSILE was initially created with the sole purpose to allow wingsurfers the opportunity to fly faster, jump higher and push harder. But after our 1st use in the waves prone foiling, we were blown away by the insane turning and speed produced while riding a wave, even without an inflatable wing. This totally amazed us and right away we knew we were in business with a new innovative design that would set a whole new boundary in modern-day foiling.

Starting on the top of the foil you’ll immediately notice the added intricate details thought out by top athletes that understand what is needed on a foil. Slight upturn wing tips enabling added stability, tips that are rounded + not too sharp to help prevent cutting skin + wings. As we zoom in on the leading edge you will understand why the wing is allowing for added speed and drive.

The high-efficiency aspect together with the front beak is what is no doubt separating this wing from other ranges – the ability to disperse and slice through water eliminating turbulence and offering greater water flow, speed, glide and then superb drive and turning abilities.

One of the cool features that we really enjoy, especially when wingsurfing, is the angle of the wing which allows for easier wing tip breaching, but even more so controlled flight during extreme situations or turbulent waters.

Includes Complete: Modular Front wing,  interchangeable Fuselage, rear wing, *mast, Signature sleeves for Mast, Front wing & Rear wing, accessory bag  + hardware.

Mast sizes: 650-950mm


Mast Lengths

650mm, 750mm, 850mm, 950mm

Mast Type

White – FreeRide, Black – High Modulus


Small – 30cm, Medium – 38cm, Large – 45cm

Tail Wing

Fusion 13.2", M!X 12.3", FTW 13", Twin Tip 14", MACH1 14", Half Moon 15"

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