SPG ALBATROSS 1615 Modular





Albatross Package Includes:

  • Albatross front wing, 750 Carbon mast, Sprint 22 tail wing and accessories.
  • Complete ready to fly.
  • Recommended Mast length – 75cm
  • Can be used for Downwind surf. AIR wing & SUP
  • Super light // 3.6 – 3.9kg
  • The interchangeable modular fuselage option is great for mixing up tail wings.
  • *Carbon Mast Options – White Freeride mast / Black HM mast (with additional High Modulus)
  • M40J Black Limited Edition High Modulus Race Masts available on Pre-Order;  not available in combo sets
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Signature Albatross 250 // 1615cm Full Carbon Foil

Includes Complete: Front wing, fixed Fuselage or full interchangeable modular option, SPRINT carbon rear wing, mast, hardware, Signature sleeves (Mast, Front wing, Rear wing)


THE SIGNATURE ALBATROSS 250 // 1615cm is designed for quick acceleration, speed, efficiency + added control especially at higher speeds.

The 250 foil is designed for intermediate to advanced flying, easier lift and longer glide while riding small waves or down winding.
If you are looking at Wingsurfing with an AIR wing, this would be our recommendation, as it not only offers quick lift but a stable flight once you are flying.

Includes a full carbon pre-preg tail wing. Can be intermixed using a tail wing for better turning, a flatter rear wing for pump/wave, or SPRINT race rear wing.


Mast lengths: 650mm. 750mm. 850mm. 950mm


Mast Size

650mm, 750mm, 850mm, 950mm

Mast Type

White – FreeRide, Black – High Modulus


Small – 30cm, Medium – 38cm, Large – 45cm

Tail Wing

FTW 13", MACH1 14", MACH2 15.5", Apex 16", Sprint 18", Flite 20"

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