SPG GLIDE-R 140 / 900 WING




Glide-R Package Includes:

  • Full carbon Glide-R front wing and cover.
  • Recommended Mast length – 75-95cm
  • Suggested use for downwinding, Pump, Wingsurfing¬† & wakefoiling.
  • Modular fuselage interchangeable with SPG modular fuselages


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Signature Glide-R 140 // 900 Full Carbon Wing

Constructed in full carbon, the GLIDE- R wing is a high aspect glider design. It is fully modular so can be intermixed with other SPG parts. The GLIDE range are full carbon wings produced using a mix of top-grade Uni directional, Bi-Axial carbon for added strength.

The Glide -R 140 is a smaller of the Glide range, intricately designed by downwind maestro Nathan van Vuuren, for extended flight during downwinders in stronger winds or faster moving swells or while tow / prone foiling larger waves. Also, a great combo for wingsurfing where extended glide is needed for flat water freestyle moves to allow a steady sustained flight

Mast size: 650-950mm


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