GC package Includes:

  • GC front wing, Medium, fuse, selected Carbon mast, tail wing and accessories.
  • Complete ready to fly.
  • Recommended Mast length – 75-95cm
  • Can be used for Wingsurfing, SUP & downwinding
  • Super light // 3.7-3.9kg
  • Modular fuselage interchangeable with SPG modular fuselages


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Signature Game Changer 300 // 1935cm Carbon Foil

Over the years Signature has had the privilege of having some of the world’s top designers create & innovate performance products that are ahead of their time and once again, perfect timing for a performance foil range that does it all.

A modular, medium-aspect all round \”BIG BOY\” is created for riders wanting a quick lift, extended glide and efficient foil control on a swell.

Includes Complete: Modular Front wing, Medium interchangeable Fuselage, rear wing, mast, Signature sleeves for Mast, Front wing & Rear wing + hardware.

Constructed in carbon, THE SIGNATURE GAME CHANGER 300 // 1935cm is a combination of hi-aspect glide intermixed with hi-performance flying abilities.

The GC300 is great for wingsurfing in lighter winds. If you plan on flying on some swells behind a boat or on a SUP this is a must-have for any quiver. Great for beginners getting into foiling with added stability, efficiency and long glides without sacrificing control.

It can be intermixed using a GC 20 FLITE tail wing for wingsurfing in low winds, or recommend a MACH2 rear wing for pump/wave, wake or downwinding.

Mast size: 750-950mm
Maximum suggested rider weight: 90kg


Mast Size

650mm, 750mm, 850mm, 950mm

Mast Type

White – FreeRide, Black – High Modulus


Small – 30cm, Medium – 38cm, Large – 45cm

Tail Wing

M!X 12.3", FTW 13", Fusion 13.2", Twin Tip 14", MACH1 14", MACH2 15.5", Apex 16", Flite 20", Half Moon 15"

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