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About the Glide H:E Range

Glide-R Wings

The GLIDE- R wings are an innovative high-aspect glider design. The GLIDE-R range is full carbon wings produced using a mix of top-grade Uni directional, Bi-axial carbon for added strength and stiffness.

The Glide -R are the race version, mid-size in the Glide range, intricately designed by downwind maestro Nathan van Vuuren, for extended flight during downwinders in lighter winds or prone foiling smaller waves. Also, a great combo for wingsurfing where extended glide is needed for flat water freestyle moves to allow a steady sustained flight.

Glide 220 Wing

Constructed in full carbon, the GLIDE wing is a hi-performance glider design. It is fully modular so can be intermixed with other SPG parts. The GLIDE is produced using a mix of top-grade Uni directional, Bi-Axial carbon for added strength.

The Glide 220 is designed for extended flight times while pumping, wingsurfing, down winding or flying behind a boat wake. 

The best just got better with a totally refined and redesigned modular option allowing interchangeable wings, masts and fuselage lengths to cater for the conditions you are flying in.

SPG Foils GLIDE-220-setup

About the designer

Meet SPG Pilot, “Nate V” born and raised in Hawaii, now living in the windy city of Cape Town South Africa. All round waterman, pro athlete, designer, wing surfer and foil frother.

Known for his pumping skills, world class racing abilities together with input from other legendary foil & boat designers + SPG foil teams, Nate has created a specialised wing, especially for riders wanting to Glide longer without sacrificing speed.

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