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SPG Foils Missile 170

In need of speed + a wing that’s in its own league? the H:E  High-Efficient MISSILE was explicitly created for high-speed wingsurfing, tow-in or prone foiling. 

Race season & time to jump on a High Aspect Glide-R created for additional glide + insane speed especially when downwind, prone, wing, pump and wake foiling. 

The name says it all. If you’re after a foil that will help reach new lengths of endless glides for wake, wing, prone or downwinding…look no further.

Ranging from the BIG DADDY GC300 for easy foiling, to the radical GC100, this Medium aspect range is the most versatile foil range that will have you styling in all foil disciplines. 

Looking to dock start, fly behind a boat, or small wave pump and glide, the original high aspect Albatross range is now revised to an insane V2 modular version. 

The Stealth has been ridden, proven & tested by most of the top foilers in the world. V2 has been revamped into full modular and is great for kite foiling, wake and radical surf foiling. 

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