Who We Are

We are passionate about water sports. Surf, SUP, foiling and anything to do with water.


Spearheaded by Ex professional athlete Ivan and his amped son Nathan, the Signature crew consists of a team of passionate sold out board riders, striving for authentic and performance products.

What We Do

We believe in pushing the boundaries both on and off the water. Not satisfied to just watch and copy, at Signature the design teams are continuously redefining the future, sometimes pushing beyond the boundaries of current demands, but always in search of the next creative product that will enable families to experience sports like never before.

Our Philosophy

Don’t settle for average – our goal is to create performance products for others to enjoy.


The Signature foils slogan is “ENJOY THE FLIGHT” and with this in mind we trust that each Signature product that you have the privilege to ride, will give you the ultimate fun + enjoyment that you deserve.



Why Choose Us?

With so many options on the market we ensure that each design is effective for the conditions it was designed for.

Each product is of the highest quality

Before releasing to the public each Signature product is tested to ensure 100% performance.

Our passion is more than just riding cool gear but also to innovate,  create and allow you the rider to have the most fun on the water.

Our end goal is for you to be satisfied with the experience and ENJOY THE FLIGHT.

We love to hear from you so please drop us a line



Authentic products designed by riders for riders.


Our in house motto is “Create not copy”. With this we have the privilege of working with a team of designers that have proven track records in multiple fields ensuring that you the rider can create memories to last a lifetime.


Innovation and quality- 2 words that are commonly used but seldom in one sentance. At Signature we love to innovate, creating products that will not only look good but provide the best possible performance.